Neurosurgery: Italian and Serbian surgeons operate together on brain tumours

On Wednesday, 28th September, the doctors from the Neurosurgery Clinic of the Clinical Center of Serbia and the Federico II University Hospital from Naples, Italy, performed three surgeries on patients with a serious case of brain tumours. In the next two days, Professor Paolo Cappabianca, MD, Doctor Luigi Cavallo and a team of our neurosurgeons will perform six more such operations.

The first operation was performed on a 30-year-man who suffered from severe headaches, had difficulties swallowing and experienced hormonal imbalance, all as a result of the tumour. The team of surgeons has managed to remove the tumour through the patient’s nose, without having to open his skull.

“The operation was extremely difficult and tiresome because we had to remove the important blood vessels from the tumour”, said Doctor Dragan Savic, the neurosurgeon from the Clinical Centre of Serbia. “Thanks to this operation, we have extended the patient’s lifespan by another 10 years and have invested a lot of effort into giving him a good chance to have a normal life. I cannot claim that all nine patients will survive the operation, but I do hope that everything will be fine.”

“Having foreign doctors here is of great benefit to everybody, because patients can go home after the surgery to be with their families, they don’t have to travel and the entire procedure is cheaper for us because we don’t have to pay for the treatment abroad”, said Health Minister, Zlatibor Lončar. “This is not a one-way cooperation. The Italian doctors are very satisfied with the work done by our doctors and we have reached an agreement for them to send their resident doctors here, for additional training.”

On Thursday and Friday, the doctors will operate on six more patients with the tumour of the pituitary gland and skull base and congenital anomalies of the skull. The oldest patient is 60 years old while the youngest is a 10-year-old girl who, according to the doctors, is expected to recover well and have a long, healthy life after the surgery.

Italian doctors commend their Serbian colleagues

Professor Cappabianca expressed his satisfaction with the operation and his stay in Belgrade and said:

“I am happy and proud to be here because this neurosurgical clinic is one of the most advanced I have ever seen. Surgeries here are performed 24/7 with a great enthusiasm and dedication to patients. Also, the doctors are using the latest technology available”, said Professor Cappabianca.

(eKapija, 29.09.2016)

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