Nestorović: “Testing makes no sense, the end of the epidemic is near”

“This epidemic will stop when we have reached 60% collective immunity, and I believe we are very close to that,” said Dr Branimir Nestorović, adding that not everyone should be tested because the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for undergoing the test have not changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus, i.e. a fever of 38°C and breathing difficulties.

“The whole idea of testing is strange. There is no literature on this. At the beginning of an epidemic, you can test people who were in contact with the coronavirus to prevent the spread of the virus. However, when the number of infected people begins to rise, the procedure no longer makes sense. Instead, you test only infected people and people who have been in contact with them,” Dr Nestorović pointed out, adding that the groups at risk could be isolated, especially the elderly in retirement homes.

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“We are in the eighth month of the epidemic. When you look at countries that have been in a lockdown and those that have not, countries that did a lot of testing and those that did not, there is no big difference,” he said.

Dr Nestorović also points out that the mortality from the coronavirus is currently at the level of the seasonal flu, and the chances of a child dying from it are equal, according to research, to that of being struck by lightning.

He believes that the virus will not disappear in the next five years.

(B92, 01.11.2020)

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