Nestorovic: “An infected person is not the same as a sick person”

Pulmonologist Branimir Nestorović said that people should not panic and test unnecessarily because they create a risk of infection: “There are more and more people infected and this confuses people; an infected person is not the same as a sick person,” said the expert.

“People over 70 are still most at risk when it comes to mortality. The number of people who tested positive and do not have pneumonia is much higher than the statistics show,” he added and said that the propagation index has weakened and “is below 1 everywhere in Europe”.

“Summer is here, people are out and about, there is less contact, people are more exposed to sunshine which produces vitamin D and are walking more. All of this will strengthen the immunity. There are more infected people, but with mild symptoms,” Nestorovic said, underlining that “the epidemic will not end until people acquire collective immunity and new research shows that we are close to that”.

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Looking at other countries, such as Germany, Serbia has also held up well in the face of a worse scenario than the current one, although the situation in Novi Pazar is “more dramatic than it was originally thought”.

“It seems to people that we are at the beginning of the peak, but I think everything will pass by mid-July,” Nestorović continued.

He explained that even a positive test does not necessarily mean that someone has been specifically infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“The test does not specifically test only this virus. The PCR test shows if you are infected with a virus that belongs to the group of coronaviruses, but you can have one of the other infections without being positive. It’s possible that the coronavirus may have some other virus on top of it,” said Nestorović.

The pulmonologist warned that children can transmit the virus to adults indoors because they are more exposed to the various viruses circulating now, such as influenza.

(Vecernje Novosti, 06.07.2020)—Evo-do-kada-cemo-se-BORITI-SA-EPIDEMIJOM

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