Nestle to build a plant-based meat factory in Surčin

The construction of a new Nestle plant in Serbia is planned in Surčin, which will produce, deep freeze and package plant-based meat.

The plant will produce four types of products (steak, medallions, breast and fillet), based on soy, gluten, rapeseed oil, yeast extract, flour, vinegar and water, with the addition of various flavours.

The factory was designed by the Belgrade-based company D.A. Dizajn Arhitektura doo, and it will be an extension of the existing distribution centre in the Nestle industrial complex in Surčin.

It is said that the development plan of Nestle Adriatic S envisages an expansion of the range of products and that the company has therefore chosen its production location in Serbia for the production of plant-based products.

Immediately after the construction of the production facility and ancillary facilities for production, the company plans to install a production line that will be used for the production of Generation 1 PBMS products and later, in 2023, the plan is to install a production line for Generation 2 PBMS products.

(B92, 07.11.2021)



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