Nestle expands its production plant in Serbia

The Nestle Adriatic Company plans to expand its production plant in Belgrade’s suburb of Surcin with two new production lines, said company officials in a statement Thursday.

“The Nestle Company is showing its long-term commitment to operations in Serbia,” said Yana Mikhailova, CEO of Nestle South-Eastern Europe. The company is set to invest 2.3 million euro in new equipment to boost production by 25 per cent and introduce 100 new products that will be exported to 40 countries. It will also create 30 new jobs.

She added that, since becoming a part of Nestle, the factory in Surcin has invested more than 15 million euro in equipment, capacities and product development to date.

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Mikhailova also said that the factory in Surcin, along with regional ones, supplies consumers from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

The head of the Surcin plant, Tanja Zigic said that Nestle now employs 546 people and has engaged 45 suppliers with an annual turnover of more than 850,000 euro. Following the news of expansion, the Serbian Trade Minister, Rasim Ljajic said Nestle was a role model for the development of the food industry.

“The food industry is mentioned in all strategic documents of the Government of Serbia as one of the four priority areas in the production sector, which accounts for four per cent in the gross domestic product and has a great potential,” said Ljajic.

(, 22.11.2018)


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