Neric announces new employment measures

The state authorities will allocate 3.65 billion dinars in 2018 towards active employment measures – says Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues, Nenad Neric.

On top of that, 500 million dinars will be spent on professional rehabilitation and employment for disabled people.

In terms of unemployment, Neric said that, in November, it dropped by 10% relative to the same month last year. Commenting on the huge differences in unemployment rate between different regions in Serbia (in Tutin, for instance, it stands at 46.1%, and in Novi Beograd just 4%), the minister said that coincidentally Tutin was one of the poorest areas in Serbia. “In areas where employment grows, poverty diminishes. The key thing for resolving this problem (with a high unemployment rate) would be to implement self-employment and subsidized employment measures”, the minister adds.

Speaking about professions that Serbia needs the most, Neric outlined that, when it comes to highly educated people, the country definitely needs IT engineers, electrical engineers, mathematics, physics and foreign languages professors, specialized doctors, pharmacists, financial experts and construction and computing professionals.

In terms of people who graduated high school, Neric pointed out that those qualified to work on highly sophisticated metal processing machines, welders, bookkeepers, accountants, nurses and construction workers are most in demand.

(Blic, 09.12.2017)


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