Nepalese Investment in the Food Industry in Ruma: 1200 Hires Predicted by 2020

The Ruma municipal authorities have approved the draft of the feasibility plan for the alienation of land for construction purposes without compensation in Rumska petlja for the company In-Conect doo (Nova Pazova), the legal representative for the Nepalese company Cinnovation Group.

This step will create the conditions necessary for the Nepalese company to proceed with the construction of the production plant. “When we made the agreement with the Nepalese company for the investment, in addition to the 9.5 hectares the company purchased, we decided to reserve an additional seven hectares in Block 4 based on the provision that every investor that employs more than 1% of our unemployed residents will have the right to make use of land in our city without payment,” declared Ruma Mayor  Slađan Mančić.

The Nepalese company can therefore expect to be able to use 18.5 hectares. The company paid 51 million Dinars for 9.5 of the hectares in order to produce pasta. It received seven hectares free of charge and paid 540 Dinars per square meter for an additional 2 hectares. The value of the seven hectares that were granted to the company free of charge would be approximately € 313,303, but the city of Ruma plans to receive €676,000 from the investment between 2016 and 2020. Initially, 407 workers will be employed, but this figure could rise to 1200 by the year 2020. The investor will have to invest 9.5 million Euro by 2016, bringing the total value of the investment to approximately 13 million Euro.

(Ekapija, 07.09.2015)

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