Nenadic: Public companies without control are a big problem

The program director of Transparency Serbia, Nemanja Nenadić, stated today that out of 34 companies, which are 100% owned by the state, only eight have directors who were recruited from job ads.

At the press conference, Nenadić said that three companies have acting directors, acting directors of 18 public companies have had their term expired but are still at the helm of these companies, while in five companies, directors have been appointed without the company publishing a job advertisement and there is no available information on their status.

Nenadić also pointed out that the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption should determine which persons were relieved of their duty as public enterprise director due to the relevant law,  and should initiate proceedings against those who did not submit reports on their personal property and income after the termination of that public function for violating the law. The Agency should also inform the public about the outcome of these procedures.

Advertising, sponsorship and donations are a big problem of public companies, Nenadić stated and pointed out that he was happy that that problem was recognized in the new Media Strategy.

Considering that elections await us next year, the issue of possible abuses of power in public companies for the sake of the election campaign has become more important, Nenadić adds.

The Public and State-Owned Enterprises Transparency Index (PETRA) for 2021 covered the evaluation of 33 companies – 17 at the national and 16 at the local level – based on 30 indicators, said Zlatko Minić from Transparency Serbia.

According to the PETRA index, the best-ranked company is Toplana Šabac, and the worst is MB Namenska, which doesn’t even have a functional website in the Serbian language, said Minić.

(Nova, 09.06.2021)


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