Negative coronavirus test no longer required for entering Serbia

As of Friday, 22 May, a negative test or a special permit for both domestic and foreign citizens will not be required to enter the Republic of Serbia.

This recommendation comes from the Crisis Response Team and was forwarded to the government of the Republic of Serbia on May 19.

All persons entering the territory of the Republic of Serbia will be handed health warnings stating that they are entering the territory where the virus is still present, as well as instructions on how to prevent the infection. This recommendation should be officially adopted on Thursday, at the government session.

The Crisis Response Team for the Suppression of Infectious Disease COVID-19 has also made a recommendation to open an administrative crossing to Kosovo-Metohija.

If people in Serbia still want to do a PCR test to determine if they were infected with the coronavirus, that will cost RSD 6,000. The testing is still free for students and minors, the Government of Serbia says on its website.

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Bearing in mind the current epidemiological situation, the decision was made for certain health care institutions that were designated as COVID-19 hospitals to gradually return to normal functioning. In such institutions, all medical workers will be tested for the coronavirus and will be allowed to work only after they are tested negative.

The Crisis Response Team points out that it has never recommended fines for not wearing masks outdoors and that the introduction of such measures is not planned.

The Crisis Team does appeal to all citizens to behave responsibly towards themselves and others because the epidemic is not over yet.

“The activity of the virus has substantially weakened, but we all have to continue to adhere to basic epidemiological measures, such as wearing masks, regular hand disinfection and maintaining social distance, in order to successfully fight the coronavirus,” the Crisis Response Team said in a statement.

(N1, 19.05.2020)


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