Nedimovic: We still don’t have a strategy for PKB’s privatization

The government still hasn’t made the final decision regarding privatization strategy for PKB (Belgrade Agricultural Corporation) – says Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic.

“We have several options in circulation, but the final decision still hasn’t been made. There is an option for the state to continue having a share in PKB, but the problem is that the state has no money for much needed investments in the company. PKB needs at least 100 million EUR of investments”, Nedimovic underlined.

He added that both the farming and processing segments of the company needed to be revitalized, as well as that a proper irrigation system had to be installed.

The Minister welcomed the fact that several companies did send letters stating their interest in acquiring a stake in RTB, but did not want to divulge which companies did this.

Back in July last year, the government chose Deloitte as the privatization advisor.

In terms of the companies interested in participating in PKB’s privatization, the media have reported that the Matijevic Company and MK Group from Serbia, Al Dahra from the United Arab Emirates, two companies from Great Britain, one from China and one from Singapore, as well as a businessman from the Serbian village of Kovin had all sent letters of interest.

(N1, 08.01.2018)

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