Nedimovic: To extend free trade with Turkey

Agricultural Minister, Branislav Nedimovic said today that the free trade agreement with Turkey was due to be redefined and that the export quotas should be increased, with new agricultural products added to the list of the duty-free goods.

Nedimovic, who met with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Eşref Fakibaba, also talked about the export of beef and refined and raw sunflower oil to Turkey.

“I talked with the Turkish Minister of Agriculture, Ahmet Eşref Fakibaba about boosting the external trade between the two countries and investments in livestock breeding, and fruit and vegetable growing. We have also proposed a duty-free export of beef and sunflower oil to Turkey”, Nedimovic pointed out.

At the Serbian-Turkish Agricultural Forum in Belgrade, the two officials also said that a lot had to be done in order for the external trade between the two countries to reach a billion euros annually.

Nedimovic said that the two officials talked about three topics – the existing free trade agreement, investments in livestock breeding and fruit and vegetable production, and the new export quotas for various agricultural produce.

The Turkish minister pointed out that Serbia was very important trade partner to Turkey, and added that, just as the Turkish investors came to Serbia to search for investment opportunities, so should Serbian investors come to Turkey to invest there.

“There are many areas in which we can cooperate. We want to boost both import and export”, the Turkish minister concluded.

(Blic, 22.08.2017)


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