Nedimovic: NIS will have to pay environmental tax

The national oil company, Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) will have to pay environmental tax, unless it proves that an international agreement has exempted the company from paying the duty, Serbian Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Branislav Nedimovic has said.

In an interview with Beta newswire, Minister Nedimovic underlined his ministry’s view that “everyone has to pay a sum defined by the law.”

“Your name may be Pera, Mika or Zika, and you still have to all you are due anyway. The Environmental Protection Inspectorate did look into this matter recently, and found a discrepancy between the amount the Inspectorate expects NIS to pay, and the amount to be paid on the account of environmental tax calculated by the company,” Nedimovic explained.

Minister Nedimovic added that “there’s no arbitrary interpretation” of the NIS sales contract signed both by the Serbian and Russian government.

“If the Serbian state made an exception and released Gazpromneft from paying the eco-tax when it sold NIS, than this has to be proved,” Nedimovic said.

The minister also clarified that all the details about the unpaid eco-tax would be known when the Inspectorate, which is still checking the national oil company’s dues over the past few days, releases a report.

Local media say that the company hasn’t been paying the eco-tax since 2010, which translates into a EUR1.5 million loss for the national budget annually.

(Beta, 02.05.2017)


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