Nedimovic: Limitations to the liberalization of the arable land market

No land will be sold to foreigners – said Serbian Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic, adding that Serbian owners of land would be protected.

“I have been hearing a lot of stories about the state allowing foreigners to own land here. The state will harmonize the relevant legislation by 1st September, and I assure you that no foreigner would be allowed to own land. The land market will not become fully liberalized”, Nedimovic explained.

He added that the state authorities would impose certain limitations in line with the European legislation, and that there were other countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary have done the same.

“You should pose the same question to the people who signed the Association and Liberalization Agreement in 2008 which stipulates that only Serbia should liberalize the sale of land. Those are also the people who are criticizing me now, and claiming that Serbia simply has to liberalize its land market in order to join the European Union”, Nedimovic says, and adds that other countries had to do that only after they joined the EU.

Furthermore, Nedimovic announced a new subsidy system of fuel for farmers that will be applicable as of next year. “We are preparing a new fuel subsidy system, the so-called blue diesel system where farmers would be entitled to a privileged price of fuel, meaning that the price would be either excise-free or the excise would be reduced”, Nedimovic concluded.

(eKapija, 12.03.2017)

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