Nearly 3/4 of young men in Serbia in favour of mandatory military service

Almost ¾ of young men in Serbia are in favour of reintroducing mandatory military service and almost 40% of them would go to war voluntarily to fight for their country, are the results of the research conducted by the House of Win agency, Blic daily reports.

About 24% of the respondents oppose the return of compulsory military service, while just over 3% of young men aged between 17 and 30 years do not have an opinion on this issue.

Of those who support mandatory military service, 80% said they would serve in military barracks with weapons.

The research also showed that about 80% of the survey respondents from Sumadija and Western Serbia support the return of mandatory military services, as do 75% by surveyed young men from South and East Serbia, while the lowest percentage was recorded in Belgrade, where it is just over 69%.

(Danas, 01.03.2021)


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