NCR to open 1,500 new jobs in next three years

Serbian PM, Aleksandar Vucic attended the signing of an agreement with the US company NCR which plans to create additional 1,500 new jobs in Serbia in the following three years.

The agreement on allocation of investment subsidies for the project “NCR Campus – Expansion and Consolidation of NCR’s Operations in the Republic of Serbia” was signed by the Serbian Economy Minister, Goran Knezevic and Director of NCR Serbia, Vladan Zivanovic.

Once the 1,500 new jobs are created, the US company will have over 3,600 permanently employed workers in Serbia. NCR is a global technology corporation which has the NCR Service Operations Centre in Serbia. The company came to Serbia in 2011 when it hired the first 300 workers.

PM Vucic and CEO of NCR, William Nuti refuted claims that foreign companies were operating in Serbia only because they had received government subsidies, and underlined that the total value of investments outweighs the government subsidies.

Nuti also confirmed that his company did receive substantial subsidies, adding that that was not the main reason why they had chosen to operate in Serbia.

“Truth be told, we could have picked any country in the world because your subsidies were lower compared to some other countries”, Nuti said and added that, in the following few years, the company would give much more than the value of their investment.

“Let’s just consider the salaries that we pay out, the income tax that we have to pay, and new jobs that we are going to create when we start building our new facility”, Nuti pointed out.

(Blic, 21.03.2017)

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