Natural History Museum in Belgrade to close?

Many exhibits from the abundant collection of the Natural History Museum in Belgrade will probably have to move because the future of the museum is uncertain.

A statement that was posted on the museum’s social network profile says that “the government of the Republic of Serbia intends to turn the 125-year-old institution with a rich history and enormous national significance into a section of the Institute for Nature Protection in Serbia.”

“We are concerned that in the year when we are celebrating the great jubilee we will have to move somewhere else, and lose our current status. We simply cannot understand that and that’s why we are worried about the museum itself, and especially the collections, and everything that has been preserved here for 125 years,” the Natural History Museum director, Milan Paunovic told the BBC.

He says that despite spending the last month “asking for more information”, the Museum received no response from the authorities until a few hours after the announcement when they received an invitation for a meeting today in the office of the Minister of Culture, Maja Gojkovic.

Some organizations have also launched an online petition for the Museum to stay open which goal, as it is stated, is to preserve it in its current form.

Until the publication of this article, the BBC did not receive a response from the Ministry of Culture to the question of whether the Natural History Museum will indeed become a “section of the Institute for Nature Protection in Serbia” and whether it will cease to exist as an institution.

(Danas, 23.02.2021)

Photo credits: the BBC/Nemanja Mitrović


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