NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe arrives in Belgrade

The Supreme Commander of NATO Allied Forces in Europe and General of the United States Air Force, Tod Wolters will meet with the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade.

According to Voice of America, which cites sources from the Allied Powers Europe Supreme Headquarters (SACEUR), Wolters stopped in Serbia during a tour of NATO headquarters in Europe and the Atlantic region.

“The Serbian army is very much appreciated in peacekeeping operations around the world,” the SACEUR’s press release says.

The exact dates of the trip are not specified, nor are the countries General Wolters will visit; it is his desire to better understand the situation on the ground and to investigate the possibilities for improving cooperation, Voice of America reported.

Tod Daniel Wolters took over the position of supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe on 3rd May this year from General Curtis Scaparrotti, and previously served as commander of US air forces in Europe and Africa.

As reported, during a procedure to restore the ranks of General and Commander of Defense of the U.S. Senate Armed Forces, he underlined that the U.S. presence in Kosovo was necessary to strengthen “the resistance of Kosovar partners from malignant external threats”.

He also said that the U.S. Command in Europe supported the development of the security forces in Kosovo in accordance with the transition plan and in full cooperation with the allies – the United States and NATO.

(RTV, 17.07.2019)




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