NATO to bring heavy weaponry to Bosnia and Kosovo

The Supreme Commander of the NATO Forces for Europe and the Commander of the European Command of the US Army, Christopher Cavoli, stated that NATO has decided to boost the reserve forces within the mission in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 “After we did a complete review of KFOR, we came to the conclusion that we need not only more forces, but also stronger forces. This process is ongoing. We will bring more heavy equipment to the field, as well as more people,” stated Cavoli in a hearing before the US Senate Armed Services Committee, which was held on April 11.

General Cavoli added that he appreciated the role of France, whose aircraft carrier is located in the Adriatic Sea.

He added that at least two focused missions were launched with the aim of gathering more information and a better understanding of the events in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cavoli assessed that ethnic tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina also have the potential to escalate and destabilize the Western Balkan region. He noted that Russia’s activities to, as he stated, incite tension between ethnic Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats are aimed at weakening the country and preventing deepening ties with the EU and NATO.

“Ethno-nationalist politics prevents Bosnia and Herzegovina from adopting much-needed political, legal and economic reforms that would advance its Euro-Atlantic integration,” the American general pointed out.

He added that the Republic of Srpska is trying to, as it claims, weaken state power and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s relations with the EU and NATO, while maintaining close ties with Russia.

(Politika, 18.04.2024)


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