NATO: Serbian scientists researching how to get biofuel from algae

Eight Serbian scientists are working on a project of extracting commercial biofuel from algae – NATO says.

The project is being implemented at the University of Belgrade’s Institute for Multidisciplinary Research with the support of NATO’s programme Science for Peace and Security (SPS) and with the cooperation from the University of Manchester from the UK, and Baylor University from the United States.

“I expect that our results will encourage the development of green technologies in the energy sector,” said the project’s leader Ivan Spasojevic. “Successful completion of this project will, I believe, make it possible for fuel prices to drop by 1/5 in the next five years,” he explained.

The research into producing biofuels from algae will last three years. “The project gives us exactly what we need, equipment and supplies and scholarships for the most gifted young researchers who remain in the country thanks to that”, Spasojevic said.

“We have great experience with our Serbian partners who are engaged on several important projects,” said the Chief of the NATO Office in Belgrade, Brigadier Cesare Marinelli. “NATO SPS projects have helped produce seismic charts for the Western Balkan countries, improve the protection of the Sava river water resources, and Serbian and German scientists, for example, are working on developing a decontamination and demining robot called T-Whex”, Marinelli added.

(N1, 18.08.2017)

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