Consequences of NATO’s bombing: the hidden truth

In anticipation of a national lab that will uncover the consequences of NATO’s bombing, a Belgrade daily writs that similar research has been done before.

According to Vecernje Novosti, two large studies have been done to date – but “without any epilogue.” Namely, as soon as alarming data emerged, everything was swept under the carpet, the daily said.

One of these studies was conducted immediately after the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, the article continued. The military clinic VMA in Belgrade “attempted to find out to what degree soldiers and officers from Kosovo, as well as their children, were at risk because they were in contact with depleted uranium.” 

A VMA expert told the daily that a sample was formed and observed that included about 2,000 soldiers, and that the research included their children born between 2000 and 2004 who were being treated and controlled within the clinic’s system. There were 1,752 of these children. 

Also, a group of 1,204 children born earlier, from 1995 to 1999, was used as a control sample. 

According to the expert, “alarming data” was revealed after medical documentation was examined. Children born in the wake of the NATO bombing frequently had anomalies – endocrine and metabolic diseases, as well as malignant neoplasms. 

However, this study produced “no epilogue.” The official explanation was that the number of those included was not sufficient for proper scientific analysis – while unofficially, the government at the time stopped the research, the newspaper writes. 

The article added that depleted uranium was also used during the bombing of Serb forces during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and that a link was established between the use of this type of ammunition and a rising number of malignant diseases.

(b92, 25.09.2017)

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5 Replies to “Consequences of NATO’s bombing: the hidden truth”

  1. Hannah Montcolly says:

    HOW. DARE. USA…what an axis of evil this country is….let the whole truth come out…every last disgusting and illegal piece of it….let the floor be wiped with the corrupted hatred, greed and lust for power and dominance that drives USA and it’s unleashing of death for generations to come….who the hell do they think they are….they are the ONLY country who has used nuclear bombs (2 of them) in anger….they have devastated countries (many of whom we do not even have the details of) and are murdering generations not even born yet with their WEAPONS. OF MASS AND. GENOCIDAL DESTRUCTION…and this self appointed dictator of the world has the indignant arrogance to accuse other countries of human rights violations….this is a rogue nation spawned on lawlessness, genocide and internal power struggle….it is a rabid beast that needs to be put down.

    1. jj says:

      Well the European countries and many others were enablers – going along – sometimes heartily with NATO at every step of the way. The European countries – their governments and media – were heavy on the lying propaganda in the wars – even though many of them had a lot of dirt on the non-Serb criminals and death squads. The European mercenaries and soldiers were fighting on the Muslim or Croat sides. Their were dead French and Irish soldiers found along with the KLA after battles.

      1. Hannah Montcolly says:

        Now we know the real truth behind NATOs campaign against Serbia, it lies with the minerals that will power the future. Nothing humanitarian or noble….pure greed and power….lithium, borate, this newly discovered wonder mineral. …and surprise, surprise right in there with at least two of the biggest mining companies is Tony Blair….US has borne most of the accusations of aggression. ..but let us never underestimate Tony Blair who is still living and reaping the benefits of regime change and illegal war….This man has no conscience whatsoever and while the two American Presidents he led the world into chaos and bloodshed with have slid into obscurity, he is still on centre stage orchestrating the backdrop of world politics and manipulating policies.

        1. jj says:

          There were more reasons besides that. I think another main reason was to break up Yugoslavia into little ethnically pure or divided (BiH) statelets to be more easily absorbed and dictated to by the EU/west. Plus to expand NATO/U.S. bases and control.
          They also wanted to show NATO’s power and work with all the NATO countries in a real war situation and test out their new weapons.

          1. Hannah Montcolly says:

            Yes, you are absolutely right….and that is exactly what they have done….with the West/EU/USA the more you dig the worse it gets….

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