National Team for Rural Renewal in Serbia formed

1,200 villages in Serbia, out of a total of 4,700, are disappearing and 1,000 of them have fewer than 100 inhabitants. Also, in more than 200 villages, there are no people under the age of 20.

This is what actor Nenad Jezdic said at a constituent session of the National Team of Rural Renewal in Serbia, which was also attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

In Serbia’s villages today, there are 260,000 men ages between 40-50 and about 100,000 women of the same age, who still haven’t formed their own families.

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Jezdic, who besides being an actor is also a fruit grower and farmer, pointed to the importance of the recovery of the Serbian villages and stated that extremely low birth rate threatens the present and the future of the Serbian people and all the people who live together in this region.

“There is a deadly epidemic that is spreading across Serbia and neighbouring areas and that is the disappearance of villages, the very villages that feed us. If villages disappear, Serbia will disappear too,” Jezdic warned.

“Everybody who wants good for Serbia should wake up and give this a serious thought. We can all use our knowledge and capacity to save villages in Serbia,” he added.

The strategic goal of the National Team of Rural Renewal in Serbia is reducing regional imbalances, creating systemic prerequisites for the economic viability of family-run farms, forming a healthy market, improving and modernizing the infrastructure, and creating socio-cultural preconditions for the demographic revival of villages in Serbia.

(eKapija, 16.06.2019)


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