National Parliament’s Secretary General asked to step down

The Anti-Corruption Agency submitted yesterday a motion for the dismissal of Svetislava Bulajic, Secretary General of the National Parliament, because, according to the Agency, she unlawfully paid herself per diems for trips abroad, and submitted false information about working overtime.

Since this is a second instance motion, the Parliament is obliged to act on it within 60 days, and this, as the Politika has been told by the cabinet of the National Parliament’s Speaker, Maja Gojkovic, will be discussed at the upcoming parliamentary session.

As stated in the document submitted by the Anti-Corruption Agency, dated 19th October last year, Bulajic sent herself on official trips to Istanbul, Kiev, Edinburgh and Warsaw in 2017, and promptly received per diems for these trips. She also paid herself 163,061 dinars for allegedly working overtime. In this case, Bulajic did not inform the Anti-Corruption Agency that she was in a conflict of interest, although she was required to, hence she was served with a recommendation for dismissal from the public office of the Secretary General.

The tales of Svetislava Bulajic’s arrogance and inappropriate behaviour have been circulating the Parliament for months, but no one wanted to officially speak about it. There were certain Parliament employees who spoke anonymously to the media about it. They did not want to go public for fear of retaliation. Among other things, they spoke about abuse of staff, and employees being arbitrarily transferred from one job to another and denied to clock in overtime, while the Secretary General herself purchased expensive furniture for her cabinet, without having a proper public procurement procedure first, as required by the law. According to these reports, Bulajic also tried to illegally evict the deputy secretaries from their offices.  

The Parliament’s Speaker, Maja Gojkovic forwarded to these anonymous reports to the competent authorities, including the Anti-Corruption Agency.

(Politika, 08.03.2018)

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