National Library remains closed until it is officially confirmed it’s safe to use

The National Library of Serbia will remain closed until it is officially confirmed that it is completely safe for use, it was announced today, six days after the incident in which two workers were killed by suffocation.

“This means that the library will not work until it’s completely safe and until the investigation is complete,” said its director, Laslo Blaskovic, at a press conference.

He said that the Centre for Ecotoxicology of the City Public Health Institute conducted a carbon dioxide contamination test and that there were no unusual gas levels detected.

Blasković added that the books kept in the depot are now inaccessible.

According to him, the two deceased employees of the Empeks Company were in the library because they had been called by the Library to perform an extraordinary inspection, before the scheduled from August 27th to August 31st.

The semi-annual control was last time conducted on April 22nd and the next scheduled for October 22nd, while the two-month control was conducted on July 4th and is scheduled for September 4th.

Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljevic said that the investigation should thoroughly cover the system of library protection and that the library will be re-opened when it is firmly established that the system is 100% correct.

Vukosavljevic also said that the system was controlled on a regular basis, every two and six months, and that in four years, two private companies that have a state license and authorization, and are selected once a year on public procurement have performed the control.

He added that, prior to the time of the accident, no failure was detected.

The Minister once again expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased workers.

Two Empeks employees died of suffocation during a fire-extinguishing test at the National Library in Skerliceva Street, Belgrade, on August 24th.

(Seebiz, 30.08.2018)


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