National Council for Cooperation with Russia and China formed

The Serbian government adopted yesterday a decree stipulating formation of the National Council for Cooperation with Russia and China. The current Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolic is rumoured to become the head of this newly formed state body. However, there are no indications as yet when is that going to happen.

The decree states that the National Council will be managed by a director appointed by the Serbian government for a five-year-period, and proposed by the Serbian prime minister. The director will also have a deputy and assistance. The Council itself will devise a rule book about the job allocation.

There are no indications as yet when is the government going to officially appoint Nikolic at the helm of this body. The government has to wait for Nikolic’s presidential term to expire first (on 30th May) in order to avoid appointing a state official to two functions. Hence, the news of his appointment will not be made soon.

In order for the president-elect Aleksandar Vucic to officially assume the role of Serbian president, he first needs to resign as the prime minister. Once he does that, the current government’s term will also stop and the government will officially become a technical one. While being in this technical mode, the government is not allowed to appoint new officials.

(Vecernje Novosti, 20.05.2017)


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