Natasa Jeremic responds to accusations from SNS

Natasa Jeremic, the wife of the presidential candidate Vuk Jeremic, refuted claims made by a member of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Milenko Jovanov who said that she “is managing the entire narcotics market in Serbia”. Natasa Jeremic also expressed her shock and disbelief with Jovanov’s statement.

Serbian PM and presidential candidate, Aleksandar Vucic apologized today to the people of Serbia for “the erroneous statement made by Milenko Jovanov”, and added that he would not allow attacks “on the family of the presidential candidate from the former regime despite his family also being verbally attacked in the past”.

“My family, my brother, my son have all been subjected to the most vulgar attacks. My colleague and friend, Milenko Jovanov has made a huge mistake trying to retaliate”, Vucic said.

At a press conference, Natasa Jeremic also commented on Vucic’s apology.

She said that she had never been in contact with narcotics, adding that she hasn’t even have a glass of wine in the last ten years.

“We have been trying to have a baby for the past ten years. Aleksandar Vucic knows this all too well. After all of this has happened, I don’t know what to expect tomorrow. They could even plant drugs on me. It is obvious that they are willing to do everything it takes which can be seen from their official statement. We have to put a stop to that”, Jeremic tearfully said.

She also announced that she would probably file a lawsuit after she consulted her lawyer. “I haven’t had the time to properly think about that. If I do file a lawsuit, Aleksandar Vucic will be one of the defendants”, Natasa Jeremic concluded.

 (Blic, 21.03.2017)

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