Natasa Dragojlovic: Serbia’s negotiations with EU slowed down

The accession negotiations between Belgrade and Brussels have slowed down, while the negotiations on media freedom in Serbia have regressed – says Natasa Dragojlovic, a coordinator in the National Convent on European Union.

The opening of the chapters should not be a problem, though it was presented as a great success, while the closing demanded negotiations and implementation of what had been agreed upon with Brussels, Dragojlovic added.

“Even the existing dynamics of two opened chapters every six months was not enough for the process to accelerate, give people hope that changes will be made on the road to the EU membership and inspire politicians to carry out the reforms in a more substantial manner,” Dragojlovic added.

“In fact, opening the chapters is just a beginning. The real success is closing them because that implies a serious implementation of everything that is agreed in Brussels. If it were up to me, I would open all the chapters at once. We are ready to open many chapters with some of them being very demanding such as the ones that deal with agriculture, the environment, chapters 23 and 24,” Dragojlovic went on to say.

According to her, it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, for Serbia to join the Union by 2025 if we continued opening and closing the negotiation chapters at the current speed.

“There is progress in some areas. However, the rule of law, media and Kosovo remain the most important issues,” Dragojlovic said.

(N1, 06.05.2019)





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