NASA: Vojvodina is the region with the highest number of fires in Europe last week

If we look at the data compiled by NASA from the last 24 hours or week, from the entire planet, we can see that this part of the Balkans, especially Serbia, is as red as the Amazon or eastern parts of Africa where wildfires have been raging for a month.

In addition, a closer look at the map shows that NASA satellites show pictures of forests and fields burning in many parts of the world, while in Serbia only agricultural areas are battling fires, reports N1.

It is particularly interesting to note that in countries in the immediate vicinity of Serbia, such as Croatia and Hungary, but also in parts of Romania, there are almost no fires, or to a much lesser extent. It can, therefore, be concluded that the authorities of these countries have succeeded in suppressing this phenomenon, convincing farmers, for whom this is the cheapest way to “clean up” the fields, to find other methods.

Serbian Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic said that a satellite system is being tested to locate stubble fires on agricultural land. He added that the current figures did show a devastating picture because they imply there were thousands of acres of burnt agricultural land.

(Nedeljnik, 28.10.2019)

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