NASA and BioSense to help Serbian agriculture with climate change

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and BioSense, a Novi Sad-based state-run research and development institute for information technologies in biosystems, are developing a monitoring system with the aim to ensure more rational use of water resources in farming.

The project will help Serbia cushion the negative impact of climate change and use its land and water resources as rationally as possible.

“Together with our American colleagues, we will analyze satellite images of Vojvodina, and try to answer how climate change will affect domestic agriculture and the environment, as well as what specifically we can do to increase production efficiency and maintain biodiversity,” BioSense assistant director for innovation, Oskar Marko, said.

In order for the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change, it is crucial to obtain data on sowing and harvesting dates, crop rotation and the duration of the agricultural season, the institute underlined.

The project will last until 2024, the press release says.

(BizLife, 24.01.2022)


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