NALED’s Grey Book: Serbian businessmen’s message to government

Serbian businessmen think that, compared to 2016, inspection supervision and issuance of building permits have improved, while various fees, levies and taxes still remain a problem.

This is the key message that business people in Serbia have directed towards the Serbian government, and which is, among other messages and recommendations, included in the 9th edition of NALED’s Grey Book.

Business people in Serbia want to see a simpler VAT documentation, lower taxes and contributions on minimum wages, having a public fee and levy registry, simpler procedure for opening of a maternity leave etc., the NALED’s book reads.

“With this document (the Grey Book), we are offering both to the government and line institutions clear guidelines how to transform state administration into an efficient service provider and create a healthy environment for doing business. We started 2016 with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism because, in 2015, the government did launch important reforms that would boost Serbia’s competitiveness, as initiated by NALED. Unfortunately, we cannot be satisfied with the reform pace in 2016 considering that only three recommendations were actually adopted which could be due to a six-month recess in the National Parliament in the pre-election period”, NALED says.

When asked what they have been hoping for the most in terms of regulation, the representatives of the 1,000 surveyed companies said lower taxes, fees and salary contributions, more efficient state administration, e-governance, predictability of the business environment, restructuring of the state aid to SMEs, and increased investments in infrastructure.

(Blic, 10.02.2017)

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