NALED: Taxation of lowest wages should change

NALED’s Alliance for Fair Competition has said that the Serbian authorities should consider proportionate taxation, as well as the possible abolition of payroll contributions for healthcare as a way to achieve a more significant payroll tax relief.

“Furthermore, one of the Serbian government’s priorities should be reforming the system of non-tax levies and the abolition of parafiscals. The first step toward this would be the formation of a public register of all fees, charges and other charges. In 2021, NALED created a register containing information on over 2,000 levies which are regulated by more than 200 laws and 400 by-laws at the national and local level,” the press release has said.

Urgent adoption of the new anti-shadow economy programme, enabling cashless payments at all public administration counters with the abolition of paper payment slips, as well as the inclusion of all national and local inspections in the e-Inspektor system, are the main priorities that NALED’s Alliance for Fair Competition which NALED will advocate before the new government in order to reduce shadow economy in Serbia.

NALED has especially highlighted the importance of combating undocumented workers in the fight against the shadow economy. Therefore, one of the government’s priorities should be reducing the payroll tax, especially on the lowest wages, expanding the law on hiring seasonal and casual workers in construction, tourism, catering and domestic help, as well as regulating the status of non-standard and flexible forms of work.

(, 22.11.2022)

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