NALED: Serbia’s Social Entrepreneurship Law most advanced in EU

The National Alliance for Local Economic Developed (NALED) said that the Serbian Law on Social Entrepreneurship is one of the most advanced legal solutions in Europe and for the first time in Serbia, it creates the legal framework for the sector in which about 500 companies operate.

NALED stated that the goal of the Law on Social Entrepreneurship, which was adopted by the Serbian Parliament on Friday, is to define the concept of solidarity economy and conditions for acquiring the status of a social enterprise, as a prerequisite for receiving financial support from the state, municipalities and other potential financiers.

Nevena Marinović, executive director of the Smart Collective, a member of the Coalition for the Development of the Solidarity Economy and NALED, said the law would help integrate the unemployed, victims of violence, the homeless, returnees, women and other vulnerable groups into society and business.

She said, referring to statistics, that there are 2 million social enterprises in the EU, which employ about 11 million workers.

By implementing the law, about 500 social enterprises in Serbia will be able to receive support, regardless of whether they are registered as small business owners, companies, foundations, civil associations or cooperatives, NALED stated in a statement.

NALED and the Coalition for the Development of the Solidarity Economy, consisting of the European Movement in Serbia, the Initiative for Development and Cooperation, Smart Collective and the Trag Foundation, participated in the working group for drafting the Law on Social Entrepreneurship, which is supported by the German Organization for International Cooperation, via the Serbian-German Initiative for Sustainable Growth and Employment.

(Novi Magazin, 06.02.2022)

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