NALED: ‘Serbian state collects 150 billion dinars in fees’

Citizens and businesses in Serbia pay annually some 150 billion dinars in administrative fees of which at least 10 billion are unjustifiably collected amounts, the so-called parafiscal levies, it was said yesterday at the presentation of the Month of Parafiscality event, organized by the National Association for Local Economic Development (NALED).

There are almost 500 laws and bylaws in Serbia, which prescribe some 1,200 different non-fiscal duties in the Republic, and over 400 at the local level.

As Jelena Bojović from NALED pointed out, the state needs to form a public register of all administrative fees which would ensure transparency, since at the moment, nobody knows who prescribes all the taxes, what they are, how much is charged and whether they are justified.

According to her, NALED’s idea is that such a public registry should be decentralised, i.e. that everybody prescribing a tax or fee should have access to that registry and have an obligation to enter each of the prescribed fees in the registry.

In other countries paying an administrative fee implies that the payer has the right to use a public good or service associated with that fee. However, in Serbia, it often happens that one pays a fee and gets nothing in return for it, i.e. levies higher than the actual costs for which they are prescribed.

“These are the parafiscal levies, i.e. hidden fees and taxes. This is the case of so-called energy tax, such as the tax for environmental protection, for energy efficiency improvement, for oil reserves, etc.

NALED will hold a series of round tables this month on the topic of reforming the administrative fee system.

(Danas, 03.06.2021)


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