NALED: ‘New national programme to combat shadow economy to be presented in September”

The Expert Group of the Serbian Government has started drafting a new national programme for combating shadow economy which will be presented to the government ministers in September this year – NALED said today, estimating that the adoption of the document will give a new impetus to the improvement of the inspection work and will lead to a reduction of undocumented work, illegal trade and tax evasion.

The programme was presented at the session of the expert group for combating shadow economy, which comprises of the representatives of seven ministries and other institutions, the NALED and businesses, gathered in the Fair Competition Alliance.

The programme will have four objectives: improving control over the shadow economy and procedures, improving tax control procedures, tax and administrative relief for businesses and education and promotion of legal affairs.

“Government ministries, inspections and businesses have all contributed to the implementation of all or part of 71.2% of the measures prescribed in the previous national programme, which makes this programmes one of the most successful implementation-wise,” said Jelena Bojovic, director for regulatory reform at NALED.

She added that, in the meantime, significant progress has been made following the introduction of digital taxation and electronic invoices, as well as with the expansion of the electronic procedure for the registration of casual workers, and that further measures from the previous action plan will be implemented by the year-end.

The new national programme is expected to include measures such as the further development of the ‘e-Inspektor’ system, the improvement of the efficiency of procedures for offences, the establishment of the Government Inspection Office, the consolidation of related inspections, and improving the procedure related to legalising fees for the purchase of used vehicles.

(N1, 20.05.2021)


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