NALED: “New ChatBot application for inspections available”

It has become easier to report anybody engaging in the shadow economy and violations of epidemiological measures in Serbia as both individuals and companies now have access to IVA (Inspector Virtual Assistant), a ChatBot application, that is part of the national inspection, the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) announced yesterday.

The new service is available on the Inspection Coordination Commission’s website  

The IVA ChatBot will increase the efficiency and automation of the work done by the State Inspection Contact Centre, which was established in March of last year.

Through online work with customers, the IVA will cut waiting time and help the Inspection Contact Centre’s operators, analysts and inspections, as the processing of requests and repetitive work will be now done of the software application.

The head of the Inspection Unit at NALED, Dragan Pušara, said that in 11 months since the application’s launch, almost 17,000 reports were sent to the Contact Centre. He adds that the IVA will be of great help in processing all future applications and that ChatBot will be developed in three phases.

“In the first phase, the application will be used for navigation and to help citizens fill out the online form, while the second phase will allow for initial triage of questions and requests. The last phase will include updating the application, as well as providing information on legal regulations and inspection practices in order to educate stakeholders and reduce the number of inquiries, cases and petitions that do not fall under the jurisdiction of state inspections,” Pušara said.

In addition to providing support in filling out the online form, a detailed list of problems, answers to questions and possible solutions will be available through the ChatBot for Market Inspection, Labor Inspection, Tax Administration, Health Inspection, Traffic Inspection, Building and Urban Construction Inspection.

The same will also be available for Administrative Inspection, Agricultural Inspection, Veterinary Inspection, Education Inspection, Health Inspection, Social Protection Inspection, Tourism Inspection, Postal Service Inspection, and local inspections.

(Danas, 25.02.2021)

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