NALED: In 2022, twelve recommendations out of 100 implemented

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) stated in the new Grey Book that in 2022, out of 100 recommendations for reducing bureaucracy and improving business conditions in Serbia, only 12 were implemented, of which seven were fully resolved and five partially.

Ministry of Finance was again the most agile in listening to the needs of businesses, as it implemented four recommendations fully and three partially, it was stated in the 15th annual edition of the Grey Book.

As specified, in addition to improving the fiscalization system and abolishing mandatory VAT registration for foreign companies that store but do not sell their products in Serbia, through changes in tax regulations, the line ministry resolved the issue of working for a foreign employer (freelancers and permanent employees of foreign legal entities).

Also, the Ministry of Finance played a key role in optimizing the procedure for registering used motor vehicles, which significantly accelerated this procedure to the delight of many citizens.

When it comes to partially implemented recommendations, the Ministry of Finance continued to reduce the fiscal burden on salaries and took further steps towards encouraging the implementation of social public procurement procedures and introducing cashless payment of fees and charges, without the need for the payer to produce proof of payment.

The Grey Book also states after four years, the Ministry of Environmental Protection adopted a recommendation for the formation of a special organizational unit responsible for the management of chemicals.

By adopting an act specifying the conditions for obtaining the status of an innovation organization, the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation gave an official definition of startups and business angels.

The Ministry of Health partially implemented NALED’s recommendations and launched an initiative for the development of electronic medical records. Also, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs prepared a draft law on the extension of simplified registration of seasonal workers to include other economic activities, besides agriculture.

It was also indicated that the 15th edition of the Grey Book has 18 new and 82 updated and improved existing recommendations.

(eKapija, 10.03.2023)


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