NALED: “Half of workers in Serbia are willing to report their employer because of documented work”

According to a study conducted by the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), nearly one in two citizens in Serbia, or 49 percent, are ready to report their employer because of undocumented work, which is a change from five years ago when only 1/3 of workers would have done the same.

Research on Serbian citizens’ attitudes toward the shadow economy showed that the most common reason for not reporting is fear of losing one’s job. “People who are not ready to report their employer still fear of losing their jobs as the most common reason, and 10 percent of them say they are fine with being undocumented workers because in that case, their salary is higher,” said the strategic marketing representative Vojislav Mihailović, from Ipsos agency, which conducted the research.

The survey also says that people are more determined to act against the shadow economy when they are purchasing something. Mihailović adds that although 90 percent of the survey respondents point out that they regularly issued with a cash register receipt for their purchase, almost half have no problem requesting it when they do not. In addition, 31 percent of them said they would report the shop if they did not give them a receipt, which is a higher percentage than in the 2017 survey, when about 1/5 of respondents said the same.

“Almost half of Serbian citizens believe that the shadow economy in the country has decreased in the last year, while just under 40 percent think that the shadow economy has increased,” Mihailović said.

Research on Serbian citizens’ attitudes toward the shadow economy showed that respondents believe the shadow economy is most present in construction (49 percent of them), followed by retail (34 percent), catering industry, craftsmen services (plumbers, painters and decorators, etc.), and law firms.

(N1, 10.05.2022)


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