NALED: Goran Kovacevic appointed president

At the session of the Managing Board of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) held in the premises of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, the new president and members of the Managing Board were selected. Until the new session of the Assembly of NALED is called, they will be running the organization and managing initiatives for improving the business environment in Serbia.

In place of Ana Brnabic, now a minister in the Government of Serbia, Goran Kovacevin, general manager of Gomex, was elected as the new president. New board members are Dusanka Golubovic, mayor of Sombor, Nebojsa Zelenovic, mayor of Sabac, and Dragana Cukic, board member at the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES). Members who have kept their positions in the Managing Board are Stanka Pejanovic, general manager of Gorenje, Aleksandar Ruzevic, general manager of Coca-Cola HBC, Ernst Bode, general manager of Messer Tehnogas, Vojislav Genic, managing director for Southeast Europe at SAP, and Vladan Vasic, mayor of Pirot.

At the open session in the presence of the media, NALED gave an objective assessment of the Government’s work in the past year and announced further reform priorities. According to the latest data by the Regulatory Index of Serbia (RIS), which evaluates the process of drafting, adopting and implementing laws, the Government earned a mark of 4.8 (of 10), which is a sight progress compared to last year. The highest mark was given to institutions regarding the quickness of response to the inquire by a business entity and the availability of information of public importance (7.5/10). Even though the result of adopting by-laws is three times better, the filed of law implementation received the lowest mark again (3.1/10), seeing how various regulations and decrees significant for businesses are late by 1,411 days on average.

The host of the meeting and board member Aleksandar Ruzevic pointed out the key result the Government had made in cooperation with NALED.

– We are proud to have worked together with the Government on introducing the e-permitting, development of the National program for countering shadow economy and improving Serbia’s position in the Word Bank’s Doing Business report – thanks to which the investors can now obtain a construction permit in 8 days, more efficient tax collection brought in additional 40 billion RSD into the budget, and Serbia is ranked 59th in the world by competitiveness level, which is the best result over the past 9 years.

NALED’s priorities in the period to come will be further implementation of e-permits and the overall development of e-government, elimination of para-fiscal charges and the establishment of a Register of fees and charges, improving the work of inspections, and a prize game with fiscal receipts.

The new president of NALED, Goran Kovacevic, announced the preparation of the new edition of the Grey Book of Regulations.

– I invite all citizens and businesses to point out the bureaucratic procedures that should be eliminated, and propose their solutions. Over the past 8 years we received nearly 500 proposals for the Government of Serbia, of which 153 had the quality to find their place in the Grey Book, and nearly 50% have been implemented in practice.

(eKapija, 04.10.2016)

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