N1 and Nova S stopped broadcasting today

If you wanted to watch the morning programme on Nova S and N1 television this morning, all you saw was a black screen that read: “Without free media is in darkness.”

No further explanation was given as to why these two TV stations stopped broadcasting.

The Nova S website only says that the Nova S and N1, which operate under United Media, have been broadcasting a newscast with the abovementioned caption since midnight, on December 6, instead of the regular programming.

Also, the social media pages of these two TV stations say nothing about the reasons for interrupting the regular programming while the employees of these two media houses do not want to make any statements.

Is the protest due to the targeting of journalists and editors of these two television stations and the daily accusations from the pro-government media that Nova S and N1 journalists are “traitors, foreign mercenaries, anti-Serbs” and so on?

Or is it a protest over REM’s decision to simply ignore the legal deadline for awarding the fifth national broadcasting frequency? It remains to be seen.

(Nova.rs, 06.12.2022)


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