Museum of Illusions opens in Belgrade

After Zagreb, Zadar, Ljubljana, Vienna and Oman, the Museum of Illusions has opened in Belgrade too, and has over 70 exhibits. This is the sixth such museum in the world.

The fascinating world of illusions, showcased at the museum, is designed to question the perception of the visitor’s senses and is intended for all generations, from the youngest to the oldest, because it has a multitude of didactic games, puzzles and brainstorming activities.

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“It is an interactive concept, and the goal is for the visitors to explore unusual spaces themselves, which contain even more illusions within them. The visitor ceases to be only an observer and becomes a participant and creator of these illusions,” Dejana Dimov from the Museum says.

According to her, children find the Vortex tunnel with a rotating cylinder the most interesting. Adults are usually apprehensive about entering the tunnel because it seriously tests their balance.

Teenagers are most attracted to rooms with mirrors that are ideal for taking selfies thanks to different shapes and reflecting faces, and the eldest visitors like to solve puzzles.

The novelty in the Belgrade Museum of Illusion is a chair that shows how wrong the perception of the size of the person we are looking at could be, depending on size of the objects surrounding us.

Looking through a kaleidoscope will remind many visitors of their childhood and they are the ones who create playful patterns seen through the kaleidoscope.

There is also the distorted room, where the visitors can play cards with themselves thanks to the illusion created by the mirrors. The children particularly like the infinite mirror in which they appear taller than their parents.

In the Serbian Museum of Illusions, unlike in its counterparts around the world, you are allowed to laugh, jump, have fun and take photographs.

Tickets for the Museum of Illusions, located in 11, Nušićeva Street, cost 600 dinars for adults and 400 dinars for children. The family ticket is 1,500 dinars. The Museum is opened from 9am to 10pm every day.

(Press, 22.05.2018)

Photo credits: Tanjug

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