Municipal elections in Vojvodina – pressure on voters and voting in bulk

Elections for local community councils were held in several municipalities and villages in Vojvodina on Sunday.

Locals report that voters were pressurized to vote for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). There were also instances of voting in bulk where voters were driven to polls in groups by cars which had no number plates.

In Ravno Selo in the municipality of Vrbas, where a high turnout had been expected and where the candidates of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) traditionally win, several cars without license plates were parked next to the polling station.

One of the SPS candidates and former members of the Serbian Parliament, Marjana Maras, told N1 that they also noticed vans that brought Roma residents to the polls in groups.

In the village of Basaid in the Kikinda municipality, where, in addition to the five candidates of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and five independent candidates, SNS activists are bringing locals to the polls on a „house-to-house“ basis, and an unusually large number of cars without number plates were also spotted.

As N1 previously reported, there was pressure on voters in that Banat village in the days before the elections, when flyers and gift packages with food products were distributed to locals.

The SPS party is in a coalition with the SNS at the state level.

(Nova, 15.08.2021)



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