Multi-national companies looking for suppliers in Serbia

The Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) will launch a public call with the aim of assisting Serbian companies to become suppliers of multinational companies.

The new RAS programme will be conducted over a period of five years, the agency said in a statement.

The goal of the programme is to improve the business of Serbian companies through technological improvements as well as through introducing new products and boosting their competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

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RAS Acting General Manager, Rados Gazdic said the programme was significant for the development of the overall business atmosphere, adding that it was created with “advisory assistance from representatives of multinational companies.” The programme is aimed at companies that are already suppliers to multinationals or have an aspiration to become a supplier.

Also, the programme will assist Serbian companies in meeting strict conditions for becoming a supplier of a multinational chain.

(Blic, 13.05.2019)


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