How much money people in Serbia save every month?

Half of the people in Serbia save money every month, and their monthly savings average 4,621 dinars – a survey about the habits, motives and concerns of Serbian citizens regarding saving money, commissioned by Erste Bank, has shown.

The survey has also shown that most people in Serbia save for „emergencies“, and the average amount they save every month has gone up by 406 dinars compared to last year’s.

Ansgar Lohner from IMAS International, which conducted the survey, says that women save more than men. „Almost 2/3 of those surveyed said that the main reason for saving money was to be able to afford care when they are older“, Lohner added.

Also, 59% of those surveyed have said that the amount they save every month has not changed in the last two to three years, while only 15% have increased their average monthly savings.

„The reasons why fewer people are saving money is lower family income and higher living costs“, Lohner explains.

In terms of getting advice about saving and investing, most people consult their families first, and banks second. Many of them also admit that they don’t understand financial topics well. „Quite a few people we have surveyed said that the financial market is getting more complicated hence they cannot understand it“, Lohner said.

Compared to last year, more people are inclined to invest in securities, bonds and shares.

(N1, 24.10.2017)

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