Mounting media speculation about government reshuffle

Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic reiterated that government reshuffle was an ongoing issue which she would talk it over with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic first.

Until that happens, the Prime Minister refuses to talk about government reshuffle in more detail. “Ministers are not god given, nor is the prime minister. If we don’t have results, and there are problems, well, then simply you have to change the team in order to generate better results. We should not waste four years in the lives of our citizens and our business people on waiting to change something”, Brnabic added.

The current Defense Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, who has received a lot of media coverage following his purchase of an expensive apartment in Belgrade with allegedly his wife’s aunt’s money, is not even mention in the government reshuffle.

The media have also been speculating that the current Finance and Economy ministers, Dusan Vujovic and Goran Knezevic will leave the government for personal reasons. The media also mention the current mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali as the candidate for either the position of Finance or Economy minister.

Also, the Culture Minister, Vladan Vukosaljevic could be stepping down, with the current speaker of the National Parliament, Maja Gojkovic and a Belgrade politician, Jelena Trivan as his successors. There are speculations that two other ministers, Zoran Djordjevic, who is the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, and Ecology Minister, Goran Trivan will also be asked to leave.

The last government reshuffle happened when Ivica Dacic was Prime Minister in 2013, when the ministers, who were members of the United Regions party, left their positions.

The speculations about government reshuffle have been going for months, as have the speculations about snap parliamentary election.

(N1, 15.03.2018)





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