Most valuable land in Novi Sad in hands of SNS tycoons

Looking at the new General Spatial Plan of Novi Sad, the residents of Petrovaradin learned that the Plan envisages the construction of a residential-commercial complex in the area around the Petrovaradin Fortress, in the Trandžament section.

What citizens do not know is that this land had originally been purchased by the construction company Galens”, a company that is supposed to build the Novi Sad Waterfront, only to later end up in the hands of Siniša Mićević, business partner of Slobodan Milić Bocara, the second most successful real estate developer in Novi Sad, who is also linked to the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

Today, Slobodan Milić Bocara, a machinist by profession and the first advisor and friend of the mayor Miloš Vučević, is a successful developer of luxury building complexes worth about 40 million euros, built at various locations in the city. According to the data from the Business Registers Agency, Bocara handed over Siniša Mićević his company, Bio Team Electro, which has basic capital of over 95 million dinars.

Following the documentation trail, it seems that Mićević, in a similar way, suddenly became the owner of the company ILF Ltd, which now owns four plots of land that, thanks to the new Spatial Plan, will be part of one of the most attractive construction sites in Novi Sad, right next to the Petrovaradin Fortress.

According to the cadastral extracts, ILF Ltd, which is formally owned by Siniša Mićović, now owns a land plot spanning over 80,000 square metres, practically covering most of the Trandžament section, which will become the future construction site. According to the Plan, a residential-commercial complex will be built there.

ILF, Galens and ES Capital companies are all part of the same corrupt circle, which was aided by the city government and Miloš Vučević who helped them by changing the city’s Spatial Plan.

The procedure is always the same: first, those companies buy land in unattractive places and then the Novi Sad authorities change the Spatial Plan to suit these companies’ construction plans.  

(Nova, 01.02.2022)

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