Most tenants live in Belgrade

More than a third of tenants in Serbia live in Belgrade, more precisely there are 63,038 apartments that are rented out in Belgrade, followed by 53,137 in Vojvodina and 22,297 in southern and eastern Serbia.

When it comes to Belgrade municipalities, the highest number of tenants live in Zvezdara (a total of 9,655 rented apartments), followed by 8,286 in Novi Beograd and 8,190 in Palilula, the population census shows.

Almost 98 percent of apartments are privately owned

There are 24,935 apartments for rent in Novi Sad, 7,027 in Niš, and 3,983 in Kragujevac.

The census results also show that in Serbia, most apartments that have been rented out range in size from 20 to 30 square metres per tenant or an average of 1 to 1.25 rooms per person.

The largest number of apartments is privately owned. A total of 3,536,885 privately owned apartments were registered in the census, which is 97.9 percent of the total number of apartments.

There are 33,724 apartments which are not owned by private persons, which is less than one percent of the entire housing stock.

A total of 325,743 apartments (or 12.4 percent) are used by tenants, subtenants or relatives.

Prices still high despite weak sales

The real estate market saw a 13 percent drop in sales in the second quarter of this year. Due to the rise of Euribor, housing loans are becoming more expensive and real estate agents state that the owners’ evaluation of their apartments is too high.  

According to the data collated by the State Statistics Office, fewer construction permits were issued this year, but the effect of this will be felt on the market only in a year or two.

(Vreme, 24.05.2023)

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