Most Serbs are leaving the country because of low living standard

The majority of Serbian citizens think that life abroad is much better than in Serbia – the results of the Serbia21 survey have shown.

The reasons for this are directly related to wages, work and living standard, and these are the top three reasons for people wanting to emigrate from Serbia – the survey by the Center for Future Serbia showed.

41 per cent of the respondents would move out because of the low living standard, 36 per cent for a better-paid job, and 9 per cent said that the reason was a bad situation in the country.

Currently, Serbia has the population of close to 7 million, while birthrate date shows that that last year there were 38,828 people less in Serbia (there were a total of 64,894 newborns and 103,722 of deceased persons).

The survey also estimates that between 40,000-69,000 people leave the country every year.

Also, a survey conducted in the diaspora has shown that more than 85% of respondents want to move to Western countries. Usually these are: Germany (25%), Austria (13%), Switzerland (8%), USA (7%), Italy (5%), Sweden (5%), Canada (4%), Norway %), Spain (3%), Australia (3%), France (3%), Great Britain (3%) and Malta (2%).)

As the main reason for this, the respondents state “trying something new”.

In terms of percentages, these are the main reasons for Serbian citizens wanting to move out of Serbia:

• 22% low living standard

• 16% poor political and social situation in Serbia

• 12% better-paid job

• 11% better and secure future

• 8% inability to find work (in Serbia)

• 5% corruption and crime

The survey was conducted between June 25th and July 6th, 2018, on a representative sample of 1,000 adult citizens of Serbia.

(Nova Ekonomija, 14.10.2018)


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