Most people in Serbia don’t believe in boycotting elections

The overwhelming majority of Serbian citizens do not believe in the boycott of the elections and think that the government and the opposition will agree on the electoral conditions and will go to the polls regularly, are the results of an opinion poll conducted by the Faktor Plus Agency.

According to the Blic daily, the poll, conducted in late July, shows that as many as 74% of voters do not believe that the opposition will boycott the parliamentary elections, while 18% think they will and 8% do not know.

When asked about the possibility of an agreement between government authorities and the opposition on electoral conditions, 36% of citizens are sure that it will be reached, 32% believe that an agreement will be reached “but it will be very difficult”, 28% say they do not believe it, while 4% did not respond.

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Vladimir Pejic from Faktor Plus told the Blic that such a result was expected because most of the voters support the government.

He said that the agreement would be good for both the government and the opposition, adding that “nobody will lose the battle” because, no matter what the result of the negotiations, both sides “will eventually declare themselves victorious”.

When asked about talks between the political party in power and the opposition, 38% of respondents said it was an attempt by the opposition to justify elections, 21% thought it was a willingness on the government’s part to have fully democratic elections, and 16% said it was the opposition’s wish for fair electoral conditions.

According to 12% of the respondents, the government wants to push the opposition to the elections, 10% think everything is balanced out, while 3% have no idea about it.

The Faktor Plus survey was conducted by telephone from 29th July to 1st August on a sample of 1,000 people from Central Serbia, excluding Kosovo.

(RTV, 02.08.2019)



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