Most people in Serbia can’t afford a holiday

More than half of Serbian citizens over the age of 16 cannot pay for a week’s holiday a year, the European Statistical Office said, adding that, in the EU, less than a third of the population (28%) is in the same position.

Eurostat said that 56.9% of the Serbian population and 61% of the Turkish and North Macedonian population were unable to afford a seven-day-holiday away from home.

According to 2018 data, the highest number of people in the EU, who have not been able to afford week-long-holiday, lives in Romania (59%), followed by Greece, Croatia, and Cyprus (51%).

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On the other hand, the lowest percentage of citizens who did not have enough funds to go on holiday lives in Luxembourg (11%, according to 2017 data) and in Sweden, less than 10%.

In 2013, the proportion of the EU population who were unable to spend a week away from home was significantly higher, standing at 39.5%.

Eurostat also reported that, in the last five years, the biggest drop in the proportion of people unable to afford a one-week holiday has been recorded in Bulgaria, from 36% to 30.5% in 2018, and in Poland, from 36% to 35%.

Greece is the only EU Member State to have increased this share between 2013 and 2018 by two percentage points to 51%.

(, 31.07.2019)


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