Most of the unemployed in Serbia are young people

In Serbia, out of the total number of unemployed persons, one fifth is young people, the research called “Mladi i Preduzetništvo” (Youth and Entrepreneurship), which was conducted under the auspices of ‘Naša zajednica, naša budućnost – Veća saradnja i zapošljavanje mladih’ project has shown.

The research was conducted by KOMS in cooperation with the Center for Human Rights in Belgrade, M-peeria and the National Association of Youth Work Practitioners (NAPOR).

Most young people say that one of the main reasons for why they work independently is that they have not been able to find a job with a secure salary and have received money to start their own business from family or friends, reads the press release about the research, which contains 15 recommendations on how to improve policies for developing entrepreneurship.

The first of the recommendations is for the Ministry of Youth and Sports to double the number of programmes, projects or activities aimed at young people under the Action Plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy. According to this plan, it is proposed to double the number of youth-related programmes and projects and increase the funds for this purpose to a maximum of 100 million dinars.

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The new strategy for the development of education provides that “the subject of entrepreneurship should be introduced as compulsory in all high schools and most faculties.” It is also recommended to develop and adopt a strategy for the development of female entrepreneurship that would empower young women in entrepreneurship and create better conditions for them.

The young entrepreneur should be a special legal category, and each young entrepreneur should be exempt from paying taxes and salary contributions during the first 12 months of operation, each young person they employ should also pay 50% of taxes and salary contributions.

It was also recommended that young entrepreneurs and companies they run should have their utility bills and other fees reduced by one-third, as well not have to pay profit tax in the first year of their business, on condition they don’t reduce the number of their employees by more than 15%.

(Nova, 22.12.2020)



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