Most expensive apartment in Serbia sold for 7,866 euro per square metre

The most expensive apartment in Serbia was the one within the Belgrade Waterfront that was sold in 2018 for 7,866 euro per square metre (total price of just over 1 million euro)  – said the State Geodetic Institute.

Garages were not cheap either, and the most expensive one was sold for 2,000 euro per square metre, which total surface area was 12 square metres.

The SGI states that 37,500 apartments and 12,000 garages, business and industrial premises were sold in Serbia last year. The most expensive apartment sold in 2017 and 2016 was located in the Belgrade Waterfront Development, and its price was 7,866 euro per square metre, spanning 143 square metres. The most expensive apartment, located in an older building, was paid for 4,358 euro per square metre, it is located in the Stari Grad municipality and spans 109 square metres.

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The most expensive business premise, sold in 2018, had the price of 9,302 euro per square metre. It spans 43 square metres and is located on the ground floor of a commercial building in the Knez Mihailova Street.

“In 2018, location again proved to be the top selling point when it comes to the most expensive real state. The most popular locations in Belgrade are the ones in the Knez Mihailove Street and Njegoseva Street in Vracar. Since the beginning of the construction, the Belgrade Waterfront development is also considered one of the most attractive locations, in addition to other luxurious residential-business premises, the so-called condominiums, such as Central Garden, A Block, West 65, Skyline, Gateway Gate, Green Avenue and the like”, the State Geodetic Institute says.

(N1, Kurir, 04.03.2019)


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